Sales Coordinator - Interior Design Business (3-6 Yrs)

Sales Coordinator - Interior Design Business (3-6 Yrs)


Sales Coordinator - Interior Design Business (3-6 Yrs)

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We have an oepning for sales Coordiantor
Sales Order Processing :
- Preparing Sales Order Confirmation to process the billing and checking the Invoice copy with Sales Order Confirmation.
- Preparing Quotation and Proforma Invoice and adjusting their previous due and credit in proforma.
- Analyzing earlier rates and payment terms and conditions before processing the order, Quotations and Proforma Invoice.
- Preparation of MIS Report & preparation of insurance report.
- Purchase orders and updating dispatch details, Invoice details on the portal.
- Coordinating with team and Sales and Marketing teams from different zone about order processing and dispatches.
- Coordination with the Purchase department for placement of orders for products by analyzing current stock and future requirements.
- Transportation, Freight: Checking Freight with different Transporters to get the best lowest rate as per client and sales person's request and coordination with transporters regarding material pick up.
- Solving customer queries related to Transportation and Invoicing, freight, product, any other issues.
- Coordinating with Godown People about daily dispatches and Pending dispatches and solving dispatch related queries.
- Maintaining all records and documentation related to dispatches for ISO.
Reports to Accounts: Providing data to the accounting department as per their requirements.
Dispatch details: Providing dispatch details to customers on a daily basis.
- Correspondence, Sample Invoice : Preparing and maintaining all correspondence letters and documents
Jino Jose
Career Foresight HR Solutions LLP
Mobile: +91 9900701660

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